About GeriScriptRx Back-Up Pharmacy Benefit Management

GeriScriptRx originated Back-up Pharmacy Benefit Management and is a back-up pharmacy leader in providing the lowest costs. Our team can design a back-up pharmacy management program to meet your specific needs and market conditions. You’ll save 30 – 40% and receive unsurpassed customer service, whether you choose our total package or just a part.

GeriScriptRx offers the lowest-price total package available. We are helping thousands of patients already. Contact our staff today to start saving in every way, the GeriScriptRx way!

Why should you choose GeriScriptRx?

    • Save 30-40% on your current retail back-up bill.
    • Lowest cost complete back-up pharmacy plan available.
    • On-call service available to prevent pharmacist burn-out.
    • The most-customized and cost-effective delivery assistance available from the back-up pharmacy to your facility.
    • Personalized, after-hours IV programs close to where your patients are.
    • Unsurpassed 24/7 customer service.